środa, 23 grudnia 2009

I'm alive! barely but alive ;P
and I wish You all very Merry Christmas,
and i will be back with writing news really soon

sobota, 3 października 2009

Everyday is Halloween

Latelly I'm all about Halloween. It's kind of new thing for me to design. Halloween is not so popular in where i live. In this day we go to the cementary and we are sad (- ha! Polish people are so often sad or even depressed ;/ Did i mention before that I'm dreaming about move away from here? milion times? )
Halloween is really great topic for create! so probably I will show much more staff like this soon.
About new thing - I've just started with Zazzle :) Visit my shop if you are looking for some nice gift or just to look :)

sobota, 26 września 2009

Party! ( vote for me please :)

my newest idea - monsters in disguise...
they try to look cute but trust me! they aren't!
if you like it please vote here :
then maybe someone would buy laptop skin with this picture....

sobota, 19 września 2009

New Gallery

terrible picture :/ I'm not so good in this ;(
Few days ago I've started cooperation with new net gallery - GALERIA FIUFIU (new for me but also quite new generally). I have to said that now I'm in handmade mood :)
to be honest lately i started many new thing...I will write about this hmm... soon ;)

środa, 9 września 2009


I know it's not my typical illustration for IF but now i working on my collection of stock illustrations and this topic helped me start new series :)
i quite satisfy with this character. I'm not very good with drawing people so hm i have to stop avoiding this and try, try and try

środa, 26 sierpnia 2009

vectors vs me

from time to time i try to do something with vectors...It's in this moment a bit difficult for me...
I work with adobe illustrator and ok- it's rather easy soft but problem is i have to find my own style
I really love vector art even this simply design like Bored inc. - but not my! there's something missing :/
but! i don't give up some day will be better hm?
this little sorry guy was made for some little contest (If you are bored you can vote :) LOOK HERE , but i had to change it a little because gradient was forbidden.

sobota, 1 sierpnia 2009

tablet lover

I'm totally in love with my tablet! and what's extremely surprising for me - in this moment i would rather do pictures with this that with traditional way...strange, strange

wtorek, 28 lipca 2009


Yeti works hard and when he tries to spend some idle evenings after he closes Yeti's Yummies, usually falls asleep...and even ERIC IDLE in TV can't change this

Technical : it was some training in using tablet - only sketch is made in traditional way :)
steel prefer real brushes and colors but maybe if I will practise more it would change? hm?

earings day

if you maybe like it ( or want to see some more) it's available on PAKAMERA, ALE ŁADNIE (Polish sites) and on ETSY

niedziela, 7 czerwca 2009


Ha! finally! I'm back to life :) last friday i finished my master thesis :D (yes yes i REALLY finish with this :)
so I'm almost free now( just 2 exams more)
so finally i can do what I'm really int rested in
CRAVING -hmm my first association was about sweets and generally fattening delicious food :) but hello! I'm on a diet(4 weeks to holiday) so decide paint different pleasure:)

wtorek, 28 kwietnia 2009

IF Theater

(click image to enlarge)
this week topic remind me about few things. First that stage design is so cool job, what remind me about my bad life choice connected with education ( uh I'm pathetic, I know :)
Next it's remind me about some workshop I was asked to lead in one of Warsaw's theater ( I will
write more about soon)
uh I just love theater :)

czwartek, 23 kwietnia 2009

sobota, 18 kwietnia 2009

KFC contest

no i tak zrobiłam projekt na konkurs KFC. Raczej nie mam szans ze względu na zasady głosowania ( można głosować od dziś do chyba 5 maja - raz dziennie! no cóż nie mam ochoty ani czasu spędzać dnia na nagabywaniu znajomych żeby na mnie głosowali a wiem ze niektórzy mają...)
w każdym razie dobrze się bawiłam tworząc wesołe frytki i nogi kurczaka
jeśli jednak podoba ci się mój projekt zagłosuj na mnie - będzie mi miło :)

It's design I made for KFC contest. I rather have no chance to win (because of vote rules,) but it was fun for me :) (although I;m vegetarian or maybe because of this)
Do you like my happy chicken leg ( kisses for chicken girl :*) ?

poniedziałek, 13 kwietnia 2009

wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2009

first impressions

i spent last week in Spain and what can I said....I want to go back! now! i miss everything from smell of orange trees to stupid donuts...(why there's no dunkin donuts here?)
(more pictures soon on my flickr)
and now back to reality - only one good thing is that i have now plenty of ideas :D

wtorek, 24 marca 2009


Just a little experiment....not my style but I have needed something different
monster is a toy, made by my hands :)
do you like this? or maybe should I forget about experiments ?

środa, 11 marca 2009

IF - Intricate

My first thought wen i saw this week topic was about my last gym. Almost regularly i meet with my friend and we try to exercise :D to by slim and beauty ;P
Last time I brought some DVD with yoga training and what can I say...it was intricate for us - just like for Milena - character from book which I working (or maybe rather thinking about ;) on with my another friend
btw I was thinking about her english name - in polish ,,ośmiornica Milena" sound nice but octopus Milena sound strange, doesn't?
any ideas?

wtorek, 10 marca 2009

monster - cover

Eh my another neglected passion...monsters making :)
maybe now it's the right time to come back to this?
phone cover made for special order

poniedziałek, 2 marca 2009

wtorek, 24 lutego 2009


hm,...life's easy when you are zombie, isn't? You just have to follow your INSTINCT , then you'll find some fresh brain - it's all you need :)
idea by my husband (like very often) and it;s my first but for sure not last zombie pick.

środa, 18 lutego 2009


Uncle Banana, reckless sailor long time ago left his town to go around the world...
Not everybody from his town have believed in this idea then, but now, when he return, all vegetables and fruits CELERATE this moment
They are very proud of him including jealous apple and paranoid potatoes :)